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Each Christmas tree species is unique. At Pioneer Trails Tree Farm, we have many varieties of evergreens to choose from. Descriptions and pictures below will help you find the tree that best suits your family's needs. Check out our "Tree Availability List" to find out what sizes are available out in the field to cut and what kind of precut and potted trees are available. Covered wagon rides are available to tour acres of Pine, Spruce and Fir, ranging in height from 5 to 12 ft. All choose and cut-your-own trees are $65 (includes sales tax). Pre-cut and potted trees are individually priced (we accept credit cards). We also offer Pine roping, wreaths, tree stands, watering elves, tree bags and preservative. Descriptions are provided below.

Scotch Pine

Scotch PineThe most popular Christmas tree in Ohio! This pine has medium to dark green color with firm branches. Needle retention is excellent. This year's selection is 5 to 7 ft. tall. One new field is open this year. Selection is mostly 6ft. tall, since this is a brand new field.

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Austrian Pine

Austrian PineOur Austrian Pine field still needs a couple more years to grow. Tree sizes available this year range from 3-5 ft. tall. The Austrian Pine’s natural growth habit allows it to be sheared to a variety of densities from very open to extremely dense. The branches are stiff and will hold heavy ornaments and lights. This tree has long green needles that grow in bundles, and needle retention is excellent. Larger trees will be available in 2 years.

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Fraser Fir

Fraser FirFraser Fir trees are nicely shaped and range from narrow to wide. This fir has a dark green top and silvery bottom. This classic Christmas tree has short, flat-bottomed needles with excellent needle retention, and its branches easily hold heavy ornaments. and. This year's field selection is 5 to 8 ft. trees. We have a large selection of precut Fraser fir from 5 to 10 ft. tall available in the Barn.

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Canaan Fir

Canaan FirA newer variety for Ohio, this single-needled tree is becoming very desirable as a Christmas tree. In fact, the Canaan Fir was the most popular tree at Pioneer Trails last year! Needles have a bluish-green top with a silver-green bottom. Branch density is strong, and needle retention is good. A new field is opening up this year with tree size from 5 to 9 feet. Precut Canaan Fir 6 to 8 ft. will be available in the Barn. Potted trees are available 4 to 6 ft. tall, which can be used as a Christmas tree, and smaller trees (1-2 ft.) make great table-top trees or gifts.

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Blue Spruce

Blue SpruceThe needle color of Blue Spruce trees ranges from light to dark blue. Its thick, dense limbs are great for holding heavy ornaments, but the needles are short and pinchy. This year trees are ranging from 5 to 12 ft. There are over 1,500 Blue Spruce to choose from! We also have potted Blue Spruce (3 to 6 ft.) available that can be planted in your yard after Christmas.

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Norway Spruce

Norway SpruceNorway Spruce trees look like an old-fashioned Christmas tree, with their long, sweeping branches. Tree density and width range from narrow to wide. The shiny, dark green, short single needles of this spruce make it an attractive choice. Trees range in size from 5 to 10 ft.

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White Spruce

White SpruceWhite Spruce trees have excellent foliage, bluish-green in color, with short, stiff needles and a good, natural shape. Many trees have small light brown pine cones 1 to 2 inches long. This year’s selection is 5-10 ft. tall. White Spruce is a good choice for a landscaping tree, as it will tolerate partial shade and moderately drained soils. Many families choose a potted white spruce at Christmas.

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Douglas Fir

Douglas FirDouglas fir needles are dark green or blue green, 1 to 1 1/2 inches long, soft to the touch and radiate out in all directions from the branch. They have a sweet citrus fragrance when crushed. The branches are stiff and point upward, providing strength for heavy ornaments. With softer needles, it is a good choice for households with children. This year’s selection is 5 to 9 ft. tall.

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Landscaping Trees

Landscaping TreesPioneer Trails Tree Farm offers a variety of landscaping trees. Our spring and fall inventory normally includes Colorado Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, and White Spruce. We also offer Arborvitae varieties, including Dark Green, Emerald Green, and Techny varieties. We invite you to visit our farm and view our trees. Customers are welcome to call ahead for tree sizes and availability.

White Pine Roping

White Pine RopingOur white pine roping is available in lengths from 15-75 feet. You can use white pine roping along staircases, wrapped around railings, or outside your home. The White Pine is well known for its long, soft needles giving it an elegant and wispy appearance. White Pine roping provides the pleasant scent of pine, filling your home or office space with the fragrance of Christmas. White pine roping has adorned homes longer than any other type of Christmas garland, so many people associate its distinct scent with their most cherished Christmas memories.

Wreath with Pine Cones

Wreath with Pine ConesIf you are looking for a classic wreath, look no further! Our handcrafted wreaths are a full, single-faced wreaths overflowing with a mix of lush evergreen boughs. They are decorated with clusters of real pinecones and are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 24-34 inches in width. Our wreaths will provide that perfect touch to your Christmas decorating, and don’t forget to pick up a handmade bow in our Gift Shop to customize your wreath.

Tree Bag

Tree BagOur Christmas tree removal bags are a convenient and clean way to dispose of your tree after the holiday season. This removal bag placed under the tree stand will help protect floors or carpet and reduce the mess of tree removal. The regular sized tree bags are 90" by 144". The jumbo-sized tree bags are 114" by 144". Both tree bags are 0.7 mil. in thickness and tear resistant.

Tree Preservative

Tree PreservativeYou don't want to go through the holiday season without this incredible product! Tree Preservative will hydrate and extend the freshness of your Christmas tree. It contains nutrients that are good for any tree, plant, or flower. The preservative has no odor or residue and will help reduce needle drop. Bottles are available in 2 or 8 oz sizes and will easily last the whole Christmas season.

Watering Elf

Watering ElfThe Christmas tree Watering Elf is well worth every dollar. You are now able to water all plants and trees with ease. The watering elf is a large 1” tube that is customizable in length to match any job. You no longer have to crawl on the floor with a watering can to make sure your tree remains hydrated. The watering elf allows you to remain standing while watering, and the funnel slides easily through branches to direct water exactly where needed.

Tree Stands

Tree StandsThe Tim Mitchell Yule Stands are available at our farm. This stand system makes setting up your tree one of the easiest tasks this Christmas season. These stands can support trees from 2-12 feet tall, and are available in several sizes (XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, and Commercial). Depending on the height, width, and weight of your tree, our staff will help you pick the proper stand to accommodate your needs. Part of the free services available to you includes preparing your tree for this stand. Check out the process here. Once your tree has been prepared, all you have to do is pop on the stand and rotate your tree until you have the perfect view. It’s that simple!

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