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Frank and Mary Jan Perdulla have farming in their blood. Frank was raised on the land we now know and love as Pioneer Trials, and Mary Jan comes from a long line of Christmas tree farmers in Ashtabula, Ohio. Frank and Mary Jan were married in 1983, and they planted their first trees that year. The Perdullas are members of the Ohio Christmas Tree Association and the Northeast Ohio Christmas Tree Association, where they learn about changes in the industry and techniques to maintain a healthy farm that continues to thrive over the years. The farm wasn’t the only thing that grew over the years: Frank and Mary Jan have three children, Charles, Matthew, and Amy, and together, the five Perdullas expanded and improved the tree farm over the years. Charles now co-runs the farm with Frank and Mary Jan, and although Matthew and Amy have other careers, they still engage in the beloved tradition of helping on the farm during the holiday season. Pioneer Trails loves keeping up the tradition of creating a memorable farm experience that centers on family.

We strive to create an enjoyable experience for the families that visit our family during the holiday season, and we pride ourselves on raising high-quality, farm fresh Christmas trees to complete your family’s holiday experience!

Pioneer Trails’ traditional harvest-your-own tree sales began in 1990, and we proudly added the sale of landscaping trees in 1996. Our hope each year is to have thousands of beautiful trees from which families can choose. We currently have over 35 acres planted in evergreens! The best compliment families share with us is "There were so many perfect trees to choose from!"

Each year, Pioneer Trails gives out a “wooden dollar” with each tree purchase. These are wooden coins, two inches in diameter, that customers can redeem on their visit to the farm the next year and receive $1 off their tree purchase. The 2015 wooden dollar will highlight the 150th anniversary of The Salvation Army. William Booth, a Methodist Minister, began the work we know today as The Salvation Army in London, England, in 1865, and work began in the United States in 1880. It was only four years later, in January 1884, that three individuals—Captain Hunt, Captain Happy Fanny, and Lieutenant Bell—started the work in Youngstown, Ohio, with "the Salvation warfare," and the mission and ministries of The Salvation Army began right here. Since its humble beginnings, The Salvation Army continues to serve the Youngstown Area and Mahoning County with “Heart to God and Hand to Man.”

Although many of our customers from Ohio and Pennsylvania return each year to the tree farm and redeem their wooden dollar for one dollar off their tree purchase, many other customers save the wooden coin as a keepsake of their memorable experience to Pioneer Trails Tree Farm. You can even make the coin into a handmade ornament! Just drill a small hole in the coin, pick your favorite color of ribbon, and you’ve got a unique addition to your Christmas tree!

Whether you visit Pioneer Trails to choose the perfect tree, bring your dog for a walk, have a great snowball fight, or enjoy some hot chocolate in the barn, the memories you make with your family at the farm will last a lifetime. Our family works hard to create a wonderful, memorable experience for your family, and we love sharing these experiences with our customers, new and old.

We look forward to making new friends this Christmas season! Come visit Pioneer Trails Tree Farm, and "Start your Family Tradition."

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